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For Parents



  • Tips for Parents
    Tips on understanding your child, talking with your child, keeping your child safe and well, and helping your child learn
  • LD Help
    If your child has a Learning Disability, including ADHD, here are suggestions for helping your child manage homework, communication, and organization.
  • Children's Birthdays
    Here are websites with ideas for kids' birthday parties, birthday cards, games, invitations, birthday recipes, thank you notes, plus web printables and much more.
  • Holiday and Seasonal Ideas
    The history of various holidays, children's arts and crafts for each season and holiday, holiday recipes, childrens' activities and online games for each holiday, and loads of fun family ideas for all the celebrations in your lives
  • Ten Ways to Help Your Kids Get Organized 
    Homework advice and study skills information are available here. Tame the chaos! Help your child succeed in school and in life: use these tips to help your child become more organized.  

  • Guided Reading Levels and Grade Levels Chart
    Title I teachers use Guided Reading Levels to determine which books to use for each child's reading instruction. Levels are indicated by a letter, such as "Level K." Levels E through J are first grade level. See how other Guided Reading Levels correspond to other grade levels.




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